Everyone needs to understand everyone.

The factionAR project (AR here = Assisted Reality) aims to create and employ transferable tools which deliver working environments - that is to say, workspaces - to people and organisations that, in so doing, guarantee the resilient, reliable and predictable delivery of first-class, game-changing, partisan, and unpredictable thought, by personnel at every level and with every thinking/learning style.

In order to achieve this goal, everyone needs to understand everyone.

  1. The transfer shall involve an upskilling period with these individuals and/or organisations, which - alongside the software tools themselves - shall be the product/service factionAR delivers to its clients. Tools to cascade internally will also be developed to enable and facilitate the transfer of technologies even more effectively.

  2. The autonomy of the client/s is a primary aim of the project: that is to say, rapid, efficient and competent independence from factionAR as a supplier and provider should be a key measure of success of any B2B relationship thus contracted.

  3. As all technologies and knowhow will have significant participation via open-source methods, open-source ways of earning, and open-source mindsets more generally, the company structure necessarily will aim to engage to the fullest specific individuals on a long-term basis to guarantee the differentiating attractiveness of the business offer, when compared to the inevitable current and future competition. This, coupled with an assertive goal of making clients independent of factionAR as a supplier, as soon as upskilling has been achieved, will separate factionAR from the rest of what is still a nascent field.